A friend of mine told me story about Bermuda Triangle and Einstein. I don't know is it real or joke but I am sharing it with all of you. He said,
"Many years ago Einstein did a project on making things disappear. The project was like using the magnetic field repel each other in a big area and then he was so sure he decided to try it on humans rather than animals. So he sent a cruise from Cuba to the Atlantic ocean.

At that time he was in Miami. ( the point where the Bermuda triangle was started from because the magnetic reactions than the other two ) as the ship entered the Bermuda triangle he sent the magnetic rays to Bermuda and then to San Juan and back to Miami  The ship did disappear forever and that place as we all know is called the ''BERMUDA TRIANGLE''."
Can anyone tell me is it the reality or just a joke...! ;-)
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  1. This is not ture... No one knows the tryth behind it just wait for the right time ...