We are living in the modern age. Computers and Robots technology is near to the peak level. But still Planes and Ships disappear in the Bermuda Triangle with no trace. Even a little part or their body is not found as a clue to solve the incident. No voice record or video found of these disappearances. Below is the List of Bermuda Triangle Latest Disappearances in 21st Century.
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Most Recent disappearances incidents include:
  • Piper PA-46-310P N444JH on April 10, 2007, near Berry Islands. (under investigation)
  • Piper PA-23 N6886Y on June 20, 2005, Between Treasure Cay, BI, to Fort Pierce, FL (possible foul weather)
  • 2004, December 21, unnamed fishing yola is found abandoned off Puerto Rico, nets deployed and anchored. Fisherman Anibal Matias missing. No trace.
  • 2004, March 23, the missing 19-foot fishing boat owned by Glenn Jamison is found by fishing vessel Chummer about 32 miles west of Egmont Key, Florida. No trace is found of Jamison. He had left the previous Sunday for daytime fishing and did not return that night. Coast Guard reports 20 knots winds and 6 foot seas.
  • Piper PA-32-300 N8224C, November 13, 2003, over the Exumas, Bahamas. (No known cause)
  • 2003, August 25, three men vanish with a 32-foot sleek-go-fast white fiberglass vessel in the Bahamas between Exumas and Mayaguana. Owner identified as Glenroy Carey.
  • 2003, August 3, alerts go out for sailing yacht Windhome, which left Beaufort, North Carolina for Azores June 24. Overdue and reported missing.
  • 2003, June 18, Frank and Romina Leone of West Palm Beach, Fl. vanish with their 16 foot boat off Florida.

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