The Truth Behind the Bermuda Triangle Documentary by National Geographic Channel

The Truth Behind, The Bermuda Triangle, Documentary by, National Geographic Channel,
"The Truth Behind - The Bermuda Triangle documentary" is made and shooted by National Geographic Channel in 2010. The reason of investigation of Bermuda Triangle Area is that Dozens of Ships and Planes have vanished without a trace in the area of the Atlantic Ocean known as the Bermuda Triangle. But where do they go and what is causing them to disappear? The National Geographic Investigation Channel want take to the Skies and Seas to test the theories that could explain the Triangle's sinister reputation. They dive with a husband and wife detective team intent on unlocking the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle and find themselves on the trail of what could be an amazing underwater discovery."
Watch this interesting documentary and increase your knowledge about world's biggest mystery.

Bermuda Triangle Documentary by National Geographic Channel

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