You may have heard of it as 'the Hoodoo Sea', 'the Graveyard of the Atlantic' or 'the Devil's Triangle'. But it is most famous as 'the Bermuda Triangle' - an area of the Western Atlantic between Bermuda and Florida where, since 14th century, over 100 ships and planes and 1,000 people have vanished - without a trace. The Bermuda Triangle Book by Charles Berlitz explains and discusses the ships, small boats, and airplanes that have mysteriously vanished in the area offering possible natural and supernatural reasons for the disappearances.

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The Bermuda Triangle by Charles Berlitz
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  1. The Bermuda Triangle is one of the greatest mysteries of the earth. It just proves that life indeed is stranger than fiction. Hundreds of unsolved disappearances remain especially the lost pilots of Flight 19. Thank you so much by the way for sharing the PDF copy of Charles Berlitz work. Keep this going.