BERMUDA TRIANGLE NORTH SEA named in German as BERMUDA DREIECK NORDSEE is an eco-thriller TV movie in German Language. 

It takes the audience into the dramatic world of Global Warming caused by Carbon dioxide emissions; a modern challenge; how to store unwanted carbon dioxide back under the sea or underground, a technique known as carbon capture and storage. Movie is available only in German language with English subtitle.

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The story pits a major oil company against a Green organization which suspects that data from under-sea exploration has been falsified to help justify the plan for CO2 storage. In the North Sea, incidents happen more and more mysterious. Boats disappear without a trace, wind turbines sink into the sea, sea gulls fall from the sky like stones, thousands of dead fish wash ashore – the North Sea is turning into a murderous trap.
The setting is ideal for this movie as the launch of the project will trigger a release of under-sea gas and a huge cave in off the North Sea coast of Germany. The race against time to save a liner and an island coupled to a romance between the hero and a former PR head of the oil company ensure that the viewer will experience few dull moments. The film underlines how environmental themes and the science and technology behind them can provide an excellent backcloth for thrillers, even if the detail of the setting may sometimes be adapted to enhance the plot.

Title:             Bermuda Triangle North Sea (Bermuda Dreieck Nordsee in German)  

Genre:          Action , Thriller

Category:     TV Movie

Format:         Three hours, HD

Actors:          Hannes Jaenicke, Bettina Zimmermann,

                       Karoline Eichhorn, Josefine Preuss

Directed by: Nick Lyon

Produced by: Stefan Raiser, Felix Zackor,

                       Dreamtool Entertainment GmbH for RTL in association with Beta

Broadcasting: Barbara Thielen, Sascha Mueri, RTL Television

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