Bermuda Tikon aur Dajjal Pdf Book in Urdu by Maulana Asim Umar

The book "Bermuda Tikon Aur Dajjal" is an Islamic book on the topic of Dajjal (Anti-Christ) written by Mr. Maulana Asim Umar in Urdu language. The book "Bermuda Tikon Aur Dajjal" means "The Bermuda Triangle and Dajjal (the Anti-Christ). Maulana explains bermuda triangle in urdu with lot of details and references. The Bermuda Triangle is actually an ocean area of Atlantic North Sea where many unusual incidents of Planes, Ships, and Aircrafts and vessels disappearances have been occurred. Many people think that there is an unknown force behind these incidents. Since the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) told us that the Iblees's (Shaitan's or Devil's) throne is over the sea. Maulana Asim Umar also suspects that the Dajjal (Anti Christ) may be there i.e inside the Bermuda triangle
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Maulana has collected the Hadith (Hadees) about Dajjal and his base as Muslims believe that the Anti Christ is cuffed in an unknown island which means that the Anti Christ will be emerged not born. Maulana Asim Umar also narrated about the secret forces of Dajjal working for him. He has also described about the UFO's. In the said book Maulana also pointed out another devil sea like the Bermuda triangle called as Dragon Sea. Dragon Sea is near Philippines and Japan where also some strange accidents have been occurred. You must read this book and should be aware of Bermuda Triangle full History, Bermuda Triangle Mystery, Reason behind the Bermuda Triangle Disappearances, the relation of Bermuda Triangle with Dajjal and the plans of the unknown secret forces working for Dajjal (Anti-Christ).

Bermuda triangle in Urdu Book

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