Ships and aircraft could be lost suddenly in the Bermuda Triangle region was due to anomalous compass which can disrupt navigation systems. About the existence of this anomaly ever recorded by Columbus in the voyage.

NASA explained, that the significant factor causing the loss of ships in the Bermuda Triangle is a strong ocean currents, called the Gulf Stream.

The storm that came suddenly that's what causes the naval vessel lost in the Bahamas, Saratoga. The ship and crew disappeared without a trace, on March 18, 1781. Also explained that not only in the Bermuda Triangle, many of the ships the U.S. Navy have been lost at sea because of storms around the world - a sudden.

In a number of well documented that the Bermuda Triangle is one of two locations in the world who has an anomaly. Other regions are seas of Japan and the Philippines, also known by similar names, 'Formosa Triangle'. (NASA)

Space Picture of Bermuda Triangle - Satellite View by NASA

Bermuda Triangle Satellite View by Google Earth

Bermuda Triangle from Space Satellite

NASA Image of the Bermuda Triangle: Bermuda - Miami, Florida - San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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