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Bermuda Triangle has many secrets behind its mysterious disappearances. Many claims to the solve the mystery behind the sunken ships. Everyone has his own theory about the Triangle. But Experts and Scientists think they may have uncovered the significant clue 2000 meters below the ocean surface. In 2012, American and French research teams conducting surveys inside the Bermuda triangle stumbled upon an underground structure rising from the seabed, "a crystal like pyramid".
Hoax, Crystal Pyramids, Giant Pyramids, Glass Pyramids, Underwater Pyramids,
Its origin, age and purpose completely unknown. This structure is now been independently verified by both countries research teams. The partially translucent smooth structure had 300 meters wide and 200 meters tall measures larger than the well known pyramids of the Egypt. On top of the pyramid two very large holes moving sea water fluid high speeds. They can cause massive search waves and myst on the sea surface. Could the strange energy source have an effect on passing boats and planes? Could this be the reason behind the triangle mystic.
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